5o days till 2019

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How is that we have just “50” days till 2019, was it not just few weeks ago fireworks was everywhere wishing friends and family a happy new year? This year had been really eventful as per there have ups and downs. This year so far has really been eye opening, I’ve learnt alot of things.The beginning started off comfy you know, always at home ,enjoying my mother’s food and being so unproductive, which i really regret. I had ample time to do a lot of things and learn a lot but guess what ,i was always on my bed with my phone in my hands. Alot things started going on in my life middle of the year and it was too much. With all that happened here’s some of the things i learnt;

• Laziness will ruin your life.

Proverbs 12:24 “The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.”

• Procrastination is a killer. I remember how I’d want to get things done and I kept postponing it till i didn’t even do it .

• You being busy doesn’t mean you’re productive .

• Your dreams alone won’t get you anywhere if you don’t stand up and ACT

• Don’t stay on the phone for too long,learn to stay off your phone for about an hour or two. Maybe you just use your phone only when necessary. This right here would be really helpful.

• Reflect ; i think it makes you more conscious of what you do and how you spend time ,money and the likes.

• Save!!! Save!!

It’s kolo I’ll buy las las because saving in my bank account no dey work ,I’ve used my money to buy airtime and irrelevant things finish. What do you think kolo or what?

• People like me that their bank account isn’t really smiling ,Get what you NEED not what you WANT

• Mind your business , I know what me not minding my business has put me into

1 Thessalonians 4:11 ESV And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you

• Whatever you do ; DO IT WELL.

Every time you find work to do, do it the best you can. In the grave there is no work. There is no thinking, no knowledge, and there is no wisdom. And we are all going to the place of death. Ecclesiastes 9:10 ERV

• Life is about living for God not just myself. My life is not mine.He gave me life so whatever i do He alone must take the Glory .

• Express your self.

Express yourself .Don’t walk around with the burden of unsaid things, unlived talents, and untold stories.Free yourself, live out loud. – cleo wade

  • Surround youself with people that’ll contribute to your growth.One senseible decision i made last year december was joining a prayer and bible study group called God’s generals and they been a blessing (story for another day)

As one piece of iron sharpens another, so friends keep each other sharp.Proverbs 27:17 ERV

  • Have Faith. Yes Faith. I remember few months ago when i was trusting God for something and it just wasn’t coming through it got to a point i felt like i lost hope because there were no signs that anything would happen . I don’t know what then led me to the book of Romans and i got revelations and handed it all over to God and boom ,it happened.
  • Faith is taking God at his word and obeying him.

  • Show love to people around you. LOVE . Some people have an habit of treating people anyhow ,talking to them anyhow which isn’t right at all because you don’t know what the person is going through inside, let’s all try to be a giver of love,strength and Good vibes.
  • Stay positive ♥️

Well, Those are the few things i have to share for now. I hope they are helpful.

What lesssons has 2018 brought for you so far? Would you like to share them? What do you think about saving in kolo ? Ever done it before? Any other suggestions on how to save money?


4 thoughts on “5o days till 2019

  1. Such an eye opener. These are my words to us,always have an instigator as friend. This kind of person will push you to heights you’ve always wanted. Bolanle my INSTIGATOR. I wanna become someone else’s instigator. Do you wanna be too?

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